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Pearl River Drug Trafficking Arrests Highlight Severity of Drug Trafficking in Mississippi


After a two-year drug investigation conducted by multi drug agencies, five members of an alleged drug trafficking organization in Pearl River County have been arrested. The five men were charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance as well as possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, and some of the men have alleged gang memberships as well.

The drugs included in the charges include cocaine, meth and cannabis. Officials with the ATF, DEA, US Dept. of Homeland Security, MS Bureau of Narcotics, Picayune Police Dept., and the Pearl River Co. Sheriff’s Dept. all agree that the crackdown on drug trafficking will majorly impact the flow of drugs into the state.

Christopher Freeze, the Mississippi FBI’s Special Agent in Charge, stated that many of the deaths in the state could be tied to illegally sold opioids, which were a part of the sting operation which netted the arrests. Freeze quoted the statistic that at least 55,000 people died every year as a result of an opioid overdose—the equivalent to a fully loaded 747 jet crashing every 4.5 days.

Drugs in the State of Mississippi

Although crack cocaine is still considered as the biggest drug threat facing those living in the state of Mississippi, the manufacturing of meth and the resulting abuse, run a close second. Other than these hard drugs, the “drug of choice” for those in the state—and the drug believed to be the most widely-abused—is marijuana. Young drug-users tend to gravitate toward LSD, Rohypnol, Ketamine, GHB and MDMA. Diversion of prescription drugs remains a concern in the state, particularly OxyContin.

The state of Mississippi happens to be ideally suited to drug trafficking, due to river ports, Deepwater ports, air and rail systems, and the interstate system. Mississippi is known as the “Crossroads of the South,” and is also well known as a facilitator for drug movement from Mexico, the gulf ports and Texas to the eastern seaboard and the entire Midwest.

In 2004, the following drug seizures in the state of Mississippi took place:

  • More than 2,300 tablets of Ecstasy;
  • More than 3.4 kilograms of heroin;
  • Almost 2,400 kilograms of marijuana;
  • Approximately 3.4 kilograms of heroin;
  • Almost 270 kilograms of cocaine and
  • 170 methamphetamine laboratories in the state were shut down.

Who is Involved in Mississippi’s Drug Trafficking?

Officials in the state of Mississippi, have made a direct correlation between the sale and/or use of crack cocaine, and an increase in violent crimes. The African American population in the state of Mississippi tend to use crack cocaine as their drug of choice, while Vietnamese gangs on the Gulf Coast counties of Jackson, Harrison and Hancock are believed to be involved in drug trafficking—specifically powder cocaine and ecstasy. It is also believed that Mexican traffickers operate in the Memphis area as well as in the rural, agricultural areas of the state.

Seizures of heroin in the state tend to come from users more often than local, independent dealers. The drug methamphetamine tends to come in from surrounding states, despite the fact that the use of meth in the state is considered “rampant” by law enforcement officials. While the availability of methamphetamine was originally concentrated in the far northern counties of the state, several factors contributed to the quick spread of the drug throughout the state. Manufacturers of methamphetamine still tend to be located in the northern areas of Mississippi, due to the ready supply of anhydrous ammonia.

Aside from violent crimes, the incidence of shoplifting has also steadily increased as a result of the increase in meth labs across the state, as shoplifters attempt to steal the ingredients used in manufacturing methamphetamine. Law enforcement officials believe the latest Pearly River drug trafficking arrests are just the beginning of many more arrests, and that the arrests highlight the severity of the drug trafficking problem in the state of Mississippi.

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