5 Kinds of Evidence That Could Strengthen Your Car Accident Claim


If you were hurt in a car accident, it is reasonable to expect the liable driver’s insurance provider to pay for your damages. This is what happens in most cases, but when third-party claimants cannot reach a fair settlement with the insurance adjuster, the case goes to trial.

In Mississippi, courts use a pure comparative negligence system to award damages to personal injury claimants. That means the total amount a plaintiff can recover will be reduced by his or her own percentage of fault. Therefore, if you want to recover compensation for 100 percent of your damages—or at least as much as possible—it is essential to gather all available evidence of the opposing party’s liability.

This may sound like a considerable amount of work, but the Jackson car accident attorneys at Coxwell & Associates can help. After evaluating your case, we will perform a rigorous investigation to gather evidence of fault and damages so you can focus on your health.

Let’s examine five kinds of evidence that could strengthen your car accident claim:

1. Photographs of the Scene

When there is a liability dispute, accident reconstruction experts can examine photographs of the wreckage to determine what might have happened in the seconds before the crash. Therefore, it is essential to stick around and document the scene unless you sustained life-threatening injuries.

2. Eyewitness Testimony

If nearby shopkeepers, pedestrians, cyclists, or other motorists saw the collision, they can provide responding officers with a statement. It is wise to get their names and contact information for your own records, too, since your personal injury lawyer may want to talk to them.

3. Dash Cam Recordings

Thanks to advancements in camera technology, you can get a quality dashboard-mounted camera nowadays for as little as $45. Even if you did not have a dash cam installed at the time of the accident, a vehicle near the scene might have.

4. The Accident Report

In the state of Mississippi, motorists must file a written accident report within 10 days of the incident if the collision caused bodily injury or at least $250 in property damage. Responding officers can file this report for you, but it is important to confirm that they will do so because failing to file is a misdemeanor. Although the report may only be somewhat useful because it will only include facts that were apparent at the scene, it can serve as a valuable piece of evidence during any subsequent legal proceedings.

5. Surveillance Footage

If the wreck occurred in a fairly developed area, nearby surveillance cameras may have captured some or all of it on tape. Since the owners of the footage are not obligated to retain it for an extended period of time, though, it is critical to act fast if you think such proof is available and will strengthen your claim.

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