Actual Settlement Amounts Truck Accidents Usually Bring


Every truck settlement case is different so there’s no one specific set fee that you’re likely to receive if you successfully reach a settlement with the defendants. Factors like the severity of your injuries and the number of defendants can have a significant impact on the final damages.

Here, we’ve found some examples of the actual settlement amounts truck accidents bring so you have an idea of what to expect when you make your claim.

Recent Truck Crash Settlement Figures

As 18-wheelers are so large and heavy, the impact that they cause when crashing is often very serious. This usually results in significant injuries and damage so the settlement fee is much larger than incidents involving smaller vehicles.

In 2016, a commercial tractor-trailer pulled out in front of another truck resulting in a rollover. The claimant suffered significant injuries to their shoulder, back, and neck – resulting in multiple surgeries.

They claimed for medical expenses, lost earnings, future lost earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, and personal injury. Their partner also claimed for loss of consortium. The couple was successful as the defendant was found to be 100% at blame. They were awarded a settlement figure of $11 million.

Not every claimant receives such a large figure if successful. There are a number of factors that can affect the final amount and damages can range from thousands to millions.

A truck skidded across the median strip in Los Angeles due to heavy rain, colliding with a passenger vehicle travelling in the other direction. The driver of the vehicle was lucky to escape with only minor injuries but needed physical therapy before fully recovering. She successfully settled with the defendants and was awarded $325,000.

In a pre-trial settlement, a claimant received $12,000,000 after receiving a traumatic brain injury following a truck crash. The truck driver allegedly ran a red light at an intersection, causing a serious accident between two semi-trucks.

What Can Affect the Settlement Amount?

The amount successful claimants can receive following a settlement is affected by a variety of factors. No two cases are ever the same so it’s important to receive expert legal guidance so that you get the best possible result.

One of the key factors that can increase the overall settlement figure is the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries. The more significant the injury, the higher the fee. You can claim for medical expenses, so if you’ve needed to have multiple surgeries you’ll be eligible for a larger fee.

If you’ve been unable to work as a result of the truck accident, then you can claim for loss of earnings. Should the injuries you received be so severe that you’ll be unable to work ever again, you can claim for future loss of earnings.

The settlement figure is also affected by the insurance policies that the defendants have as you can only claim for money that’s available. Working through the many different policies can be a lengthy and complicated process.

If you’re planning to claim on behalf of a loved one that unfortunately died in the accident, you can make a wrongful death claim. Here, you’ll be able to make claims for pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and funeral costs.

How to Make a Truck Accident Claim

If you’ve been in a truck accident, you’re eligible for compensation from those at fault. It’s important you seek professional help as soon as you think you may want to make a claim. Even if you’re worried that you may be partly at fault, speak to a legal expert who can help you to take the best course of action.

Once you’ve decided on the attorneys who’ll be helping you, make sure to keep hold of any important information that may be needed at a later date. The more evidence available, the better chance you’ll have of reaching a successful conclusion.

Your legal support will help you to review police reports, locate eyewitnesses, examine medical bills and reports, and even carry out accident reconstructions if necessary. A good attorney can tell you what to do immediately after a truck accident.

Once you’ve collated all the evidence that you’ll need to move your case forward, your attorney will help you to send a personal injury demand letter to the insurance company of the person or organization responsible for your injuries. You’ll outline how you’ve been impacted physically, mentally, and financially by the truck accident.

In the personal injury demand letter, you’ll list what you want to receive, including the financial figure that you’d be willing to accept. From here the defendants decide whether to settle out of court or take the case to trial. Whichever they choose, the team at Coxwell & Associates will be by your side to offer the very best legal counsel.

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Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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