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Is There Such Thing as a Specialist Semi Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck in Mountains

Semi-trucks are involved in around 500,000 accidents annually, resulting in approximately 5,000 fatalities across the US. If you’ve been involved in a semi-truck accident, you may be eligible for compensation. You’ll need an expert, well-rounded attorney who can help you to make a claim.

No lawyer is officially a ‘Specialist Semi Truck Accident Attorney’ but many of them have the skills and experience needed to successfully represent you.

Why Are There No Specialist Semi Truck Accident Attorneys?

There are no specialist semi truck accident attorneys, with any lawyer working in the field of personal injury able to take your case. No lawyer specifically trains to just focus on semi-truck accidents, but many of them will have extensive experience working on personal injury claims for all kinds of vehicles.

Personal injury law covers any disputes between injured parties and the individual or group they blame for those injuries. In this instance, you may have been injured in a semi-truck accident and you’re seeking compensation from the driver of the truck or truck company.

Any personal injury lawyer will have the skills and knowledge needed to represent you if you’re making a claim for compensation after a truck collision. Although there are no specific semi-truck accident attorneys, there will be lawyers available who have experience when it comes to cases like these.

So how do you find a lawyer that will successfully represent you and get you the compensation you or a loved one deserves? Here are the steps you should take to find the perfect attorney for you.

  1. Determine the Kind of Attorney You Need.
  2. Research Lawyers in Your Local Area.
  3. Narrow Down Your Options and Hold Interviews.
  4. Sign a Contract.

Determine the Kind of Attorney You Need

As we’ve already mentioned, any lawyer that specializes in personal injury law will have the skills and experience needed to help you. It’s also important to ask potential attorneys if they have any experience in handling truck accidents that could prove useful in the future.

You may want to speak to an employment lawyer due to loss of earnings or unfair dismissal, so you can receive the total compensation you deserve. Maybe seek a criminal lawyer if you believe someone has committed a crime against you.

Research Lawyers in Your Local Area

Once you’ve decided on the kind of attorney that you need, you’ll need to research lawyers in the local area to create a shortlist. Use search engines and social media to find suitable attorneys and read online reviews of each individual to help you narrow your search down.

If you’re struggling to find suitable candidates, contact the local bar association who’ll be able to make recommendations about attorneys who have the experience needed to take your case.

Local lawyers are more likely to know the court system you’ll be dealing with and may have experience helping people in the same position as you.

Narrow Down Your Options and Hold Interviews

After you’ve created a shortlist of potential attorneys, see if you can narrow them down any further by considering your budget, their area of expertise and their availability. Before making any kind of decision, you should carry out interviews with attorneys to make sure you have all the information you need.

Ask them about their experience and if they’ve ever represented anyone in a similar situation to you. Did they win that case? It’s also worth asking about their track record as a whole. Do they win more cases than they lose?

It’s important to already know your budget at this stage. Ask each attorney about their costs and how payments are made. Do they charge a flat rate or by the hour? Extra work may not be included in the initial agreement. Attorneys that charge higher fees may not be worth the extra spend but any lawyer charging low fees is likely to be inexperienced.

Make sure you provide the attorneys with all of the information of your case and ask them how likely it is that you’ll be successful. You’d rather find out whether your case is weak at this point than much further down the road.

Sign a Contract

Once you’ve spoken to each attorney and you’ve made a choice you’re happy with, you need to sign a contract. You’ll be provided with an engagement letter or retainer by the attorney which will contain the agreements made by both parties.

Make sure to read the contract thoroughly and understand exactly what is expected of both you and the attorney. Find out who your primary contact will be so you know who to contact with important information. Although you’ve signed with an attorney, they may have an assistant or junior colleague who collates information.

Find the Right Lawyer at Coxwell & Associates

If you need any more advice when it comes to finding the right lawyer to represent your truck accident case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Coxwell & Associates, or download our free guide for everything you need to know about filing a claim.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.