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7 Surprising Truck Accident Statistics


The US economy relies heavily on trucks, with 70 percent of all freight transported annually arriving on some kind of truck. But having so many large, heavy vehicles on the road can lead to serious accidents.

218 million of us hold valid driving licenses so there’s a good chance you’ve driven past a truck accident at some point. Here are some of the most surprising statistics when it comes to truck accidents.

1. 90 Percent of Commercial Truck Accidents Are Caused or Worsened by Some Kind of Human Error

Only 10 percent of commercial truck accidents weren’t caused or worsened by human error. This means there is someone to blame for the majority of accidents on roads in the US.

The crash may have been caused because of the truck driver’s condition. They may be tired, drunk, under the influence of drugs or distracted by their phone.

But it’s not always the driver who is to blame. Many truck accidents are caused or worsened by the drivers of other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians or even animals that run out into the road.


2. 34 percent of fatal commercial truck crashes that occur on Mississippi roads happen at night

Driving at night always brings its own set of dangers and risks. It’s harder to see potential hazards on the road and drivers may be fatigued, reducing their ability to drive safely.

Only 25 percent of all driving takes place at night but over a third of all fatal truck crashes that take place in Mississippi happen at this time.

As the nights grow longer in winter, the roads can become more dangerous. Not only are there fewer hours of sunlight, but there are more trucks on the road to cope with the demands of Christmas shopping.

3. The Average Cost of a Commercial Truck Accident Is $59,150

are many different kinds of truck accidents so the figure of $59,150 is an average that takes into account everything from minor vehicle repairs to compensation to help victims pay for medical bills and loss of earnings.

Family members can also claim if their loved ones died as a result of a truck accident that wasn’t their fault.

Costs and compensation are decided on a case-by-case basis so if you’re thinking of making a claim, it’s important to consult professional help to make sure you take the best course of action.

4. 64 Percent of Fatal Truck Crashes Occur on Rural Roads

Americans are more likely to have a fatal accident involving a vehicle on rural highways than on freeways or urban streets.

When driving on rural roads, people usually drive faster as they are less likely to have to deal with traffic. They’re also more likely to drive without seatbelts, drive drunk or be in an accident caused by an animal darting into the road.

Due to the remoteness of many Mississippi rural roads, it can take longer for emergency medical care to arrive, which can lead to more drivers dying before they can receive treatment.

5. Every 100 Million Miles Driven in THE US, There Are 2.3 Deaths and 60.5 Injuries Caused by Big Rigs

Truck Accident

There are over 264 million registered vehicles on our roads so accidents are going to happen. A combination of lower gas costs, more time spent behind the wheel, and an increase in distractions has resulted in more populated and dangerous roads.

A fully loaded big rig can weigh up to 80,000 pounds so even the smallest incident can have devastating consequences. Tire blowouts, rear-end collisions, t-bones and lost loads are just some of the truck crashes that take place on US roads each year.

6. Driver Fatigue Is Responsible for Around 30 Percent of All Commercial Truck Accidents

A driver needs to only fall asleep at the wheel for a moment for there to be an accident. One in 25 adult drivers admit to falling asleep whilst driving. Even if you don’t fall asleep, drowsiness and fatigue can slow reaction times, affect your ability to make good decisions, and distract you from potential hazards.

Commercial truck drivers are more likely than any other to experience fatigue whilst driving due to long hours, driving at night, and insufficient sleep.

It’s recommended that truckers drive a maximum of 11 hours a day but with demands to meet and the temptation of extra money, some choose to drive for much longer periods of time. But this is dangerous and increases the chance of accidents. That’s why it’s important for truck drivers to take regular breaks and get the recommended amount of sleep.

7. 98 Percent of All Semi-accidents Result in at Least One Fatality

Truck accidents have devastating consequences with 98 percent of all incidents involving semis resulting in at least one fatality.

In addition to the devastating effect, this has on the families of loved ones, it also has significant financial implications. Fatal tractor-trailer accidents, for example, cost Americans more than $20 billion each year, with $13.1 billion of this associated with loss of life compensation.

Been in a Truck Accident? Ensure You Receive the Compensation You Deserve

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