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What Are the Worst Negative Side Effects of Essure?

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Essure has been marketed by Bayer as a safe form of permanent birth control. Thousands of women in the US have used Essure but there has been hundreds of cases where patients have suffered negative side effects.

Inserting the metal coils is a simple procedure and described to be pain-free.

While Essure has been promoted to be a safe and pain-free choice, women have come forward with evidence that the device has caused severe internal injury. Sometimes, the coils have punctured other organs and the patient has needed surgery to repair the damage.

A trained and qualified doctor inserts the coils into the fallopian tubes to prevent future pregnancy and once put into place, they shouldn’t need to be removed or replaced. Choosing Essure has been recommended by many doctors and health specialists.

On the Essure website, they have claimed there are risks and potential side effects. For example:

  • If you do become pregnant after undergoing the Essure procedure, there’s a high chance you will have an ectopic pregnancy (where pregnancy occurs outside the uterus). This can be dangerous for the woman and the child.
  • After the procedure you can suffer cramping and moderate pain.
  • In rare cases, the body can expel the metal coils naturally.

There are warnings about the potential side effects of Essure, however some women have suffered more severe injuries that Bayer never warned people about. This is why many of the patients who are filing an Essure lawsuit are claiming Bayer neglected to warn people of these more serious and negative side effects.

Since Bayer failed to warn their patients about these potential risks, women have been able to file a claim against them.

The Worst Negative Side Effects of Essure

Perforation of the organs

While the metal coils are small, there have been cases where the device has perforated organs.

Surgery has been required to remove the coils and repair the damage. The severity of the damage has had a significant impact on the patient’s way of life and had a major financial cost.

Complete Hysterectomy

In rare cases, the severity of the injuries caused by Essure has resulted in some women having a complete hysterectomy.

Removing the womb is a major operation and requires a long recovery time. In these cases, women have chosen Essure because it has been marketed as a safe and pain-free procedure but, in the end, they have suffered serious and life-changing side effects.

If your Essure implant has migrated and caused major internal injury that has resulted in you having a complete hysterectomy, then you could be eligible to making a claim.

How to Find Out if You Can File an Essure Lawsuit

You can find out if you’re eligible to file a lawsuit against Bayer with this information sheet. This free guide helps you answer key questions a lawyer would want to know to help you find out if you have a strong case. Complete this form and send it our legal team (via email or post) and we can determine whether you have a case.

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