What Are the Speed Limits for Truck Drivers in Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi stretches for 48,433sq miles and speed limits can often be questioned from all automobile drivers, let alone truck drivers.

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The speed limits for truck drivers in Mississippi is dependent on the type of road and truck type you own. According to the jurisdiction of Mississippi, these are the speed limits for truckers and car owners:

The above is for indication only and The State Highway Commission may decrease the above at any time with valid reason. If you have specific queries about you should contact an accredited Mississippi traffic lawyer.

Other factors affect this which can be found in full detail below.

Types of Road

Mississippi has various types of roads, the most common include Interstate Highways or Highways with 4 or more lanes, these roads have an absolute speed limit of 60mph for truck drivers.

Mississippi is also home to other highways which have fewer than 4 lanes; these such roads have an absolute speed limit of 55 mph for truck drivers.

In 2008, Mississippi legislators approved an absolute speed limit of 80mph on Toll Roads in Mississippi. However, as of 2016, no such toll roads exist.

It is important to note, that during inclement weather or when visibility is poor, truck drivers or tractor-trailers are limited to 45 mph speed limit.

What is an Absolute Speed Limit?

Mississippi currently enforces an Absolute Speed Limit within the state. An absolute speed limit means the speed displayed and enforced must not be exceeded even to maintain the flow of traffic i.e. overtaking slow moving vehicles or on open road.

As a result of the Absolute Speed Limit, overruling speeding tickets is difficult. There are very few arguments that can warrant breaking this limit. These can be:

  • A driver can argue the accuracy of which the speed was measured. However, the driver must have sufficient evidence of knowing how their speed was determined and disprove it’s accuracy.
  • A driver can argue that they had to break the speed limit to prevent further injury to others in an emergency situation.
  • A driver may claim (in the rare instances) a case of mistaken identity. If a Police Officer clocks a speed offence before losing the perpetrator, it’s possible the officer could pull over the wrong vehicle.

What is the Presumed Speed Limit?

The alternative to the absolute speed limit is the idea of a presumed speed limit, which does not apply in Mississippi. A presumed speed limit is where numerical limits do not exist, instead assuming a safe speed for the road and weather conditions is acceptable.

What is the Minimum Speed Limit?

Mississippi has a minimum speed limit in place that applies to truck drivers. The idea of the minimum speed limit is to reduce congestion and maintain smooth traffic flow.

If a driver is driving at less that the normal speed of traffic, vehicles must drive in the right-hand lane or as close to the right-hand curb as is safely possible.

However, whilst it’s acceptable to drive below the general flow of traffic, you must maintain a minimum speed of 30mph on Federally designated highways when no hazards exist. The same applies to Interstate highways or 4 lane U.S. designated highways, just with a higher minimum of 40mph where the maximum speed limit is posted as 70mph.

Penalties for Trucking Offences in Mississippi

Penalty for Exceeding Speed Limit

Whilst these offences are not specific to truck drivers, they do still apply to all road users in Mississippi. By exceeding the speed limit, first-time offenders are liable to:

  • Fines up to $100
  • Be sentenced to an upward limit of 10 days of jail time.
  • Have their license suspended (no determined time limit)

Penalty for Reckless Driving

Again, reckless driving offences are not specific to truck drivers, but more so all road users. There is no speed that determines reckless driving, only the circumstance dictates what is considered reckless driving. It can largely affect the penalties which for first-time offenders are:

  • Fines between $5 – $100
  • Sentenced to up to an upward limit of 90 days of jail time.
  • License suspension (no defined time limit)

However, by participating in a Mississippi traffic school you may be able to prevent these offences being placed on your driving record.

Have an Outstanding Trucker Offence?

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Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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